Butterfly Park (2) - The Hidden Treasures of Pulau Ubin

by Kimberley Pah

One of the many beautiful butterflies we spotted on Pulau Ubin's Butterfly Hill.

One of the many beautiful butterflies we spotted on Pulau Ubin's Butterfly Hill.

If you want to know what Singapore was like before it became a cosmopolitan "jungle of metal", you may want take a drive to the Changi Jetty (next to the hawker centre), where you can hitch a ride to Pulau Ubin for just S$2.50 per person.

If you choose to bring your bicycle along, that would cost an additional $2, an option if you do not want to rent bicycles from the rental shops over at Pulau Ubin. (average S$10 per bike for a whole day, different bicycles cost different prices)

Go to the information centre and ask for directions to the "Butterfly Park", which is just a short ride away. (about 5 minutes) Should you plan to go there, however, do remember to bring your camera!

There are butterflies of every colour and kind flying freely all over the place, with no nets to keep them in. We are told that the way they kept the butterflies centered in one area was to grow their 'favourite' plants in the place designated for the 'Butterfly Park'.

A sure sign of your proximity to the Butterfly 'zone' is when you see a few vari-coloured butterflies fluttering around the vegetation to the sides of the path. (particularly the left)

Tips to find the Butterfly Park:

1) Get a map at the Information booth at the small village you first encounter once you alight from the boat.

2) After cycling a short distance past the Ubin-HSBC Volunteer Hub, you'll see the disused Pekan Quarry.

On the right side of the road, there is a little viewing area facing the quarry's water where you can see white birds on the opposite shore.

On the left side of the road, you should be able to see a little pagoda-like structure way up on the hill. That is a little rest-area in the Butterfly Park.

Take the next turning (to your left), then turn left again, up a little hill. (At this point, if you are taking a bicycle ride, you may want to get down and start pushing/pulling your bike up the hill)

I must reiterate that a camera is essential. :)

Hope you enjoy yourself as much as I did! :D

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Dec 06, 2008
Awesome Butterfly Photo & Tips
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Kimberly

A truly awesome shot of the butterfly! You have caught it at its most magical moment - wings spread, colours vibrant, and trying to take out the nectar.

Also, your write up will show everyone how to enjoy this gem of a place. I'm sure many people will now see Pulau Ubin in a different light.

Thanks heaps for sharing. ;-)

Dec 06, 2008
Map of Pulau Ubin Showing Approximate Location of Butterfly Hill
by: Gabriel Tan

Here's a map showing you the approximate locations of the Butterfly Park, Chek Jawa and the jetty on Pulau Ubin (Ubin Island).

Mar 09, 2015
butterfly beauty NEW
by: helenkeller

It is about 10 years since this hill has become the home for the about 150 specious of the butterflies. Great Mormon is my favourite butterflies. They have a beautiful and so attractive colours. And also the lesser stripe black butterfly is also awesomelook here .

May 15, 2015
Awesome Butterflies NEW
by: patriciacarter

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Aug 18, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Sep 07, 2015
Informative! NEW
by: Kevin

Pulau Ubin is an amazing spot to see many wonders. I love to visit such places and so I have been searching for such wonderful places. I have visited this butterfly park only for once, but it was really fantastic. hotels catalina

Nov 05, 2015
nice work NEW
by: Anonymous

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Mar 19, 2020
Butterflies NEW
by: Rosey

I love butterflies! Thank you for sharing this.


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