5 Day Singapore Honeymoon Tour

by Santosh
(Bangalore, India)

I am planning a 5-day-4-night tour to Singapore on June 28th. It's a honeymoon tour and we need your help in preparing an itinerary which should include attractions, romantic dinners and shopping. Please advise.

Hi Santosh

You could try something like this:

Day 1: Raffles Hotel + Singapore River

Visit the Raffles Hotel - have a Singapore Sling at its Long Bar and check out its fascinating history at its museum.

Spend the afternoon and evening at Singapore River and Clarke Quay Singapore.

Day 2: A Day on Sentosa Island

Enjoy a romantic day on Sentosa Island.

This Sentosa itinerary includes some spa/massage treatment. If you don't fancy that, you could spend the time on more rigorous activities:

i. Zip down the 450m-long 75m-high Megazip.

ii. Flow-ride the artificial surf at Wave House Sentosa (beginner to expert levels).

Day 3: Singapore Zoo + Equinox High Tea

It's a lovely walk through the tropical surroundings of the Singapore Zoo. Then reward yourself with the views and a high tea at Equinox Restaurant.

Singapore Zoo + High Tea Itinerary

Day 4: Pulau Ubin Biking + Changi Boardwalk + Seafood Dinner

Take the bumboat from Changi Point Ferry Terminal to Pulau Ubin, a rustic island off Changi. Grab a map from the Visitor's Centre, rent a bike and explore the island: Butterfly Hill, Ketam Bike Trail, Chek Jawa Coastal Reserve. You also may also spot one or two of the 50+ oriental pied hornbills that live in Singapore.

Get back to Changi in time for the sunset walk on the Changi Boardwalk. End the day with a scrumptious seafood dinner at Changi Village.

Day 5: Last minute shopping

Have a romantic honeymoon in Singapore.

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5 Day Singapore Honeymoon Tour

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Mar 15, 2010
Sky Dining
by: Chloe

Hi Santosh,

You may want to try the sky dining on board the Singapore Flyer. It'll definitely be very romantic and you get to enjoy the views of Singapore!

Apr 12, 2010
A suggested itinerary added
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Santosh

I've just added a suggested Singapore honeymoon itinerary above. I hope the included places and activities will make your honeymoon enjoyable. Do let us know if you have other questions.

Enjoy your honeymoon in Singapore.

May 02, 2010
Thanks a lot..
by: Santosh

That itinerary is definitely gonna help me.

With the latest news of Universal Studios opening in Resort World Sentosa, do you suggest to add this in the itinerary? Or will it make entire trip very tiring? I would like to also add Night Safari and Dinner to that :D

May 03, 2010
Universal Studios Singapore & Night Safari Additions
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Santosh

1) If you plan on visiting Universal Studios Singapore, be prepared to set aside the larger part of a day for it.

You could visit Universal Studios first thing in the morning and see where it takes you. Then decide whether you want - or have time - to see the rest of Sentosa.

2) If you'd like to take in the Singapore Night Safari as well, you could occupy yourselves with something light in the morning (i.e. with very little walking), then visit the Zoo in the afternoon and hop over next door to the Night Safari in the evening.

May 14, 2010
by: Santosh

Thats a very good idea of spending a quite morning and adventure night :D..

As the days for my Honeymoon is nearing, I am getting more questions in mind. The one bugging me right now is, how much cash I need to carry for my stay of 5 days. Flight, Accomodation, Visa everything is ready.

So could you suggest me for the above attractions (considering me travelling in MRT/LRT or buses every where) and 1 dinner at Equinox, 1 dinner at Clark Quay, 1 dinner at Night Safari and 2 normal dinners. Lunch at hawkers or food court HOW MUCH I CAN CARRY in Singapore Dollars?

I know its a bit tricky question and every body travelling to Singapore will have the same thing in mind. So this is in interest of all.

May 14, 2010
Estimates for Transport & Meals:
Restaurants, Eateries, Food Centres

by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Santosh

Please bear in mind that these are estimated cost per person. So here goes:

1) Dinner at Equinox Restaurant @ S$75-150

2) Night Safari:
a. Bongo Burgers @ S$10-15
b. Ulu Ulu Restaurant Buffet @ S$45 (+-)

3) Dinner at Clarke Quay @ S$40-60

4) Dinner at Normal Restaurant @ S$20-40
(e.g. at a shopping mall)

5) Meal at Hawker Centre/Food Court @ S$5-8
(includes 1 main dish and 1 drink)

This being your honeymoon, you and spouse deserve a good treat here and there.

Set aside S$1-2 per person per trip on the MRT or public bus.

Have a good honeymoon in Singapore.

May 17, 2010
Thanks a ton..!!
by: Santosh

Hope this would be my last question and followed by a great experience at Singapore.

I am planning to get S$2000 for 5 days which I would need for Attractions, Food (as mentioned above), Transport (as mentioned above). Am I missing any major expenditure? Is this much money enough? Accomodation cost i am carrying separate.

May 19, 2010
$2000 Works Out to $200 Per Person Per Day
by: Gabriel Tan

Hi Santosh

The amount you're taking works out to S$200 per person per day.

This should be an alright amount assuming that:

a) you're dining at a combination of restaurants and the more affordable food courts / hawker centres,

(and that breakfast is provided for by your hotel)

b) you're taking public transport most of the time, and

c) you're not planning to buy big-ticket items such as jewellery or cameras.

Bear in mind that most places in Singapore accept credit cards. So if you have a credit card, it'll be very handy.

May 20, 2010
by: Santosh

Thats right Gabriel...

My idea is to enjoy Singapore hawker food with a couple of fine dining. Travel on own using MRT/Bus on most occasions.

Shopping is limited to less expensive things but being in Singapore on "Great Singapore Sale" is a added advantage.

Thanks a ton dude... Now i am pretty relaxed and just waiting for those amazing 5 days in Singapore.

Take care and Enjoy life.

NOTE: I'll be back with Questions if any :P LOL :D

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